I am an Amateur Radio operator located in Northwest Ohio. Licensed since early 2018, I have made my way to an Extra Class license, and I enjoy exploring the unconventional side of the hobby. I enjoy building antennas out of objects never intended to be radiated, working with uncommon bands (with a focus on VHF+), and helping to run NOVARS, an unconventional radio club with a few close friends in the area.

I hold an interest in Emergency Communications, and I am the Assistant Emergency Coordinator for our local ARES organization. I also enjoy working with commercial gear, and occasionally activating entities for Parks on the Air. When not playing radio, I work full time in IT, and assist many of my friends with the installation and maintenance of their HomeLab servers and networking.

Please check out my blog by clicking the link above, as well as links to the Hancock County Amateur Radio Emergency Service, the Northwest Ohio VHF Amateur Radio Society, and my QRZ page.

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